Attorney J. Stephen Ladas

J. Stephen Ladas is one of the most renowned lawyers in Massachusetts, with more than 25 years of experience in litigation. After completing his graduation from the University of Massachusetts, he went to obtain his Juris Doctor degree from New England School of Law. He is the founder of Ladas Law Firm, P.C and works from Hanover, Massachusetts. He is a member of both Federal and Massachusetts bars.

Over 25 years of experience!

Mr. Ladas has incredible experience with claims and has handled numerous cases before the Trial Courts and Administrative Agencies of Massachusetts. Before starting his own law firm, he worked in the insurance industry for many years as a defense counsel. He was also associated with numerous claims departments in his career. He is also a member of Plymouth District Bar Association and Plymouth County Bar Association.

With Ladas Law Firm, Mr. Ladas wants to help clients dealing with Workers’ compensation claims, motor vehicle accident claims, motorcycle accident claims and Social Security Disability Insurance.

Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

If you are injured at work, Attorney J. Stephen Ladas will take the best steps to ensure that your rights to compensation and justice are protected. In most cases, people have a hard time dealing with the medical expenses and loss of wages. It is more than important to seek legal expertise for workers’ compensation as early as possible. Call us now!

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Arm Injury Attorney Massachusetts

Seek Help Motor Vehicle Accident Cases!

Right after a motor vehicle accident, you have to take special care to ensure that your rights and interests are protected. Attorney Ladas can help you take the right course of action after a motor vehicle accident. Our legal team will offer professional assistance in every situation, and we will take the steps needed to investigate and prove the case in your favor.

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Social Security Disability Insurance Law

Motorcycle Accidents

In the case of motorcycle accidents, insurance companies believe incorrectly that the motorcyclist is at fault, unless the investigation is properly completed. If you are the rider of a motorcycle and have been hit by a vehicle, you are likely to suffer more injuries than if you were in a midsize car. Call Attorney Ladas and his team now. We can help you get through the situation without losing your rights.

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Slip and Fall Attorney Massachusetts

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

If your application for Social Security Disability has been denied, do NOT panic. We can help you obtain your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). We will do the required paperwork and do the follow up that's needed for reconsideration and further appeals. Mr. Ladas has successfully worked on hundreds of cases, so that his clients get the benefits they are entitled do.

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