Seek Help Motor Vehicle Accident Cases!

You need to know the exact steps that must be taken to protect your interests. Attorney Ladas has been working in litigation for more than 25 years and can offer the best help in such situations. He has enlisted five steps that every person can follow, just in case he/she is involved in a motor vehicle accident.

1. Get help

It’s easy to panic after a motor vehicle accident, but the first step is to stay calm. Call an ambulance. Do NOT leave the scene right away.

2. Call the police.

Do NOT leave the scene without informing the local police. Keep in mind that filing the report and informing the police will help in your case.

3. Get the necessary information.

Talk to the other person/driver involved in the accident and get their information, phone number, name and address along with their driver's license number and insurance details. If there are any witnesses at the scene, make sure you take their contact details. Also, if you are in a position, take pictures of the scene.

4. Notify your insurance company.

However, do NOT talk to the insurance company for the other driver. They are supposed to do that, and in case they don’t, Attorney Ladas will.

5. Protect your rights.

Call our office immediately after you have received medical attention. We will ensure you get the right information, and our legal team will take the necessary steps and answer the relevant questions. Getting the paperwork done and talking to the insurance company about the medical bills can take a lot of time, we will do this for you.

Need a Massachusetts motor vehicle accident lawyer? Call us immediately. We will ensure that you are fully protected.

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