Motorcycle Accidents

If you are riding a motorcycle and are hit by a vehicle, you are likely to suffer more serious injuries than the car driver. Motorcycle accidents can be fatal in many cases, and often, a reckless driver or an unexpected mistake on the part of the car driver, is the possible cause. This is precisely when you need the expertise and experience of an attorney. A motorcycle accident case can turn quickly against you. With a lawyer, you can get the right help and assistance.

Attorney J. Stephen Ladas can help you in settling the claim. With two decades of legal experience, he is the best motorcycle accident attorney in Massachusetts and can fight the bias that's often common against motorcyclists. He willalso work closely with the insurance company to ensure that your rights are protected. In most cases, insurance companies assume that you are at fault. Attorney Ladas will investigate the case from scratch, so that you can get the benefits that you are entitled to.

Attorney Ladas and his experienced team will prove that the defendant displayed negligence and caused the accident. We will establish that the defendant is liable for the accident and prove you sustained the injuries due to the other driver’s negligence. We will also complete the paperwork to ensure the police reports, medical evidence, pictures, and testimonies are submitted correctly, so that the case is a winner.

If you have any questions related to motorcycle accidents, feel free to call us. Attorney Ladas takes a direct interest in every case and starts the investigation from scratch.

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